New database – have you opted in?


Have you signed up (either online or via a paper form) onto Othona’s new contacts database? Declaring yourself either a Friend (receiving our information but with no financial commitment) or a Member (supporting Othona by an annual subscription and getting some extra benefits). Thanks and congratulations to the many hundreds of Othona folk who’ve now done this.


If you haven’t got round to it yet, we hope you will do so. Because eventually the new system will replace all our other mailing lists… and we’ll have to stop contacting those who are not on it.


It’s not too late to click through and use the online data form which lets you complete all necessary details in just a few minutes. Most people find it very easy to use.


With the new database up and running our old e-newsletter known as "BB E-Zee" will change its name to become Othona West Dorset News (for Friends and Members)


If you have any problems with it or queries about this whole issue please do contact our Communications Team on


(The picture to the right shows the team and others, in our chapel transformed into a training space, learning some ins and outs of this new system, an Open Source suite of software known as CiviCRM)

CiviCRM training day with Sean